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EDF Energy and the EA submitted more documents to Kent County Council earlier this month, attempting to push forward their unpopular plans to excavate shingle from the Dungeness Nature Reserve. It's clear from this information that the applicants haven't changed their plans to excavate shingle from this fragile Natura 2000 site, which is protected by the Habitats Regulations and the Authority's own planning policies. More alarmingly, the applicants conceded at a recent public meeting that the twelve-year term of their planning application could be insufficient, and they may want to extend the operational life of the quarry beyond this!

Dungeness is the world's largest shingle structure and is the most diverse and extensive stable vegetated shingle in Europe. Excavating shingle from Dungeness would damage this internationally important and environmentally diverse habitat for generations to come. Both Lydd Town Council and New Romney Town Council have twice opposed the application for a quarry at Dungeness due to the fact that it is flawed [1]—and, with some 70 lorry movements expected across the Dungeness nature reserve each day when the quarry is operational, our local MP (Mr Damian Collins) has stated that we are "right to be concerned about the number of proposed vehicular movements".

Permitting a quarry in this special environment—which is heavily protected by national and international nature conservation designations—would rob Kent of one of the jewels in its crown and set an extremely worrying precedent for other special and supposedly protected areas in Britain. We need your help making this clear to the Authority charged with assessing the application: please send a message to Kent County Council objecting to the new information and ask them to reject the proposal to excavate shingle from Dungeness.

[1] From the Meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee held in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, New Romney on Wednesday, 25 September. Minutes available online at

In case you missed it, the new information is available to view online - just search for the application number "KCC/SH/0381/2011" on Kent County Council's website at and click on the "Documents" tab. The new information has a filing date of November 2013.


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Please help prevent Dungeness from becoming a quarry
An application has been submitted to Kent County Council seeking permission to excavate shingle from this precious corner of the coast for use in flood defences that the Environment Agency has said will provide only a low standard of protection against flooding and could lead to failure of the defences.

If you haven't done so already please add your voice to our campaign against the application. If you've already done so then thank you — please consider telling your friends and family about our campaign too.