To send a message to Kent County Council or your MP via our website you must provide (at a minimum) your name, email address and your postcode. These details will be included in any messages you send to Kent County Council and/or your MP via our website, so that they can log and respond to your comments appropriately.

If you send a message using our website and/or add your name to our list of supporters then we will make a note of your email address and any other contact details you provide too for statistical analysis and reporting purposes. We may also use your name and email address to send you email updates regarding the progress of our campaign, in which case we will include a link in these messages that allows you to edit these details or unsubscribe from our messages with immediate effect.

We will not provide your contact information to any other parties other than is necessary for us to communicate with you regarding our campaign and/or to communcate with the Local Authority (Kent County Council) and your MP (where you contact them via our website) regarding the support we have from campaign supporters concerned with the protection of Dungeness from the shingle excavation plans. Contact us if you have any further questions regarding your privacy.