Why we love Dungeness

Dungeness, including the proposed location of the quarry, is a varied landscape of international scientific and environmental importance. A remarkable and unique variety of wildlife lives at Dungeness, including more than 600 different types of plant (a third of all those found in Britain). It is one of the best places in Britain to find insects such as moths, bees, beetles and spiders — many of which are very rare. (Some aren't to be found anywhere else in Britain!)

Dungeness is one of only four outstanding Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) that support annual vegetation drift lines in the United Kingdom, which occur on naturally functioning shingle beaches. This is one of the scarcest habitats in the UK and alone Dungeness represents more than 40% of this special resource.

In recognition of its international importance and to highlight the need for it to be 'handled with care', Dungeness holds many national and international conservation designations.

Dungeness is:

  • a Special Area of Conservation (SAC);
  • a Special Protection Area (SPA);
  • a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI);
  • a Ramsar-proposed site;
  • and it is part of the European-wide Natura 2000 network.

It's not just our environmental credentials that make this place fascinating though... The world's first submarine oil pipelines were laid between Dungeness and France during the second world war as part of Operation Pluto... Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of radio, conducted his tests in Dungeness in 1899, becoming the first person to transmit radio messages across the English Channel. (His research shed still stands here — just!)... And we're the last stop on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway loco — one of the smallest public railways in the world!

Perhaps you've visited Dungeness to see Derek Jarman's famous garden? Maybe you escape to this special corner of the coast regularly for our premier fishing? Or maybe you just like to walk, think and breathe in our enormous, moody skies...

One thing's for sure: If you've been here then you know we're unique. (And if you haven't, then come pay a visit!)

Please help us!

If you love Dungeness as much as we do then please add your voice to our campaign. Together we will get residents the flood protection they need without devastating the 'ness.